Why I buy Instagram Followers and

Why You Should Too

To be honest, I was against any sort of buying followers services out there. They are just too fake. 

I own a fashion brand and I built my social network account very hard. I post quality photos, I research for good content to post, I study what my followers might like, I interact with my followers. However, my followers increase at a very slow pace. Watching my competitors out number my followers count, I begin to doubt my own effort. I just can't get more followers like my competitors. 

One day while doing some research for strategies to build my social accounts, I stumble a website claiming they sell premium quality Instagram followers. Take it as my last strike, I tried to purchase 1,000 followers from them. The followers soon flow in within 24 hours and I was happy to see that, but doubt it will help me at all. This sound like sales pitch, but after that purchased, I see a grow in my likes per photo and also new followers per day! 

Don't be fool by this, by just buying followers won't get you any new sales. I still continue with my daily tasks on my social media accounts, I comment on people's photos, I post great content, I throw promotions. Buying followers are just part of my marketing strategy. It seems have positive effect on my existing efforts. I am not a marketing pro but as common sense, people tend to follow a bigger social accounts and interact with them as they see big account with more trust. This is the only explanation that I can think of. 

After that purchase, I started include this as part of my monthly marketing activities. I continue with buying instagram likes from the same vendor, and up now I had 15k followers with estimate 70% of them are real followers! I did affected by the instagram purge during last december but I quickly purchase more followers to cover my drop. I even see Justin Bieber instagram drop by millions of followers, interesting! 

If you are like me, wondering what else you can do to give your social media a push, try buy instagram followers, they really provide some positive effects!